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In recent years school dropout rates have climbed at an alarming rate.  Statistics show that statewide nearly 9,500 kids dropped out of school before graduation last year.  This staggering statistic of Louisiana's dropouts is more than a problem - it has become a state crisis.  This issue is not only a problem in larger cities but has also hit close to home.  There are students in our community who are in need of further assistance in order to reach their "highest potential".  Our program is designed to meet each student's individual needs in order to maximize their learning opportunities and performance as well as involve parents as an equal partner in their child's daily achievement.

This program is designed to create learning opportunities for our children in succeeding towards mastering the Commom Core exams.  Our first objective is to train, tutor, and prepare all of our students for testing.

The program will provide educational instruments and mentoring from qualified educators.   Empowering the Community for Excellence will offer free tutoring and remediation services for low income, at-risk  students in grades 1-5.


+1 337 212 9753

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Performance Summary 2015-2016

We serviced 101 students -59% scored at Benchmark, 19% made suffcient growth to maintain level needing only Strategic Support, 22% continue to need Intensive Support to reach Benchmark in Language Arts.  In Math 69% of students scored at Benchmark, 21% made suffcient growth to maintain a level needing only Strategic Support, 10% continue to need Intensive Support to reach Benchmark

Audry Spencer named 2015 Humanitarian of the Year by the Crowley Chamber of Commerce


Audry Spencer received the Rotary Club of Crowley Vocational Award 2015


Audry Spencer received the NAACP 2014 Community Service Award


Audry Spencer received the National Association of University Women of Excellence in Education Award 2014


Audry Spencer voted Acadiana Hero for April 2014!  Click here for more details

"Thumbs Up!"


Ross Elementary School Rating for helping to

promote their Leader in Me program



This year ETCFE welcoms more than 100 students from Ross Elementary, South Crowley Elementary, North Crowley Elementary, Crowley Middle and Crowley High School!