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Empowering the Community for Excellence ( ETCFE) is a community-based, non-profit organization principally formed in response to the disturbingly high number of students in Crowley who do not meet benchmark level of proficiency in math and language arts skills appropriate for their grade level.  ETCFE provides an educational environment that partners certified teachers with low-income, under-achieving students in small-class settings to provide free academic support with the goal of improving proficiency in math and language arts.  Tutoring sessions are aligned with the State of Louisiana Common Core Curricula, and students are given remediation in skills in which they are deficient and reinforcement in skills they grasp.  Our mission is to identify academically at-risk children starting at a young age and provide the academic assistance they need but cannot afford.  The intention is to promote improvement in their academic performance, and thereby lay a foundation for continued success, not only during their school years but beyond, so that they will become productive citizens after they graduate.

Even though our focus is on low-income students in grades 1-5, we will accept any student needing the assistance provided space is available.   Middle and high school students are taking advantage of our free tutoring program as well.


+1 337 212 9753

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Performance Summary 2018-2019


Grades 1-5

Our evaluation of student's progress is based on student's performance in IXL Diagnostic Program in Math and Language Arts.  The program identifies students' weaknesses, provides individualized instruction based on those weaknesses, and advances students on skills as they are mastered.


Our goal was 85% progression in Math and Language Arts this school year.  100% of the students met this goal, with 23% advancing above the 85% progression mark in Math and 29% advancing above the 85% progression mark in Language Arts.


Students mastered 1,568 skills and were proficient in 1,793 skills in Math and Language Arts


Audry Spencer named 2015 Humanitarian of the Year by the Crowley Chamber of Commerce


Audry Spencer received the Rotary Club of Crowley Vocational Award 2015


Audry Spencer received the NAACP 2014 Community Service Award


Audry Spencer received the National Association of University Women of Excellence in Education Award 2014


Audry Spencer voted Acadiana Hero for April 2014!  Click here for more details


Audry Spencer named 2018 Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Angel and awarded a grant for her non-profit

"Thumbs Up!"


Ross Elementary School Rating for helping to

promote their Leader in Me program


This year ETCFE welcomed more than 100 students from Ross Elementary, South Crowley Elementary, North Crowley Elementary, Crowley Middle and Crowley High School!